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        Get ready to play with candles – literally. Candlesticks, candle holders and candleholders are an instant way to add ambiance and character to your home, whether it’s a centerpiece for a formal dining table or a beautiful mantelpiece.
       So whether you need a new home for your favorite colored candles or want to impress at your next dinner party, our selection of the hottest candle holders is here.
       Most candle holders are designed for thin dinner candles or conical candles, but some are also suitable for tea candles or thick candles.
        To attach dinner candles to a candle holder or candle holder, lightly melt the base of the candle, then drip some hot wax into the candle holder. Insert the candle and hold it for a few seconds until the wax has cooled. Do not forget to extinguish the candle before it burns out two centimeters from the stand.
        Candelabra are multi-armed candlesticks – think Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast – traditionally used in the center of a table for formal dinners. A candlestick is anything that holds a candle, including candlesticks (often with pointed ends to hold the candle in place), candle holders, and candle holders.
       Candlesticks come in all shapes and sizes, from classic gold candleholders that hold multiple candles to wooden stands for massive candles.
        When choosing the type of candlestick, think about how you will use it. Candelabra and taller chandeliers brighten up your dinner setting and create a festive feel. Their height means they don’t interfere with conversation while casting ambient light to your guests.
       If you want to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room, choose single or low candlesticks that are easy to move.
        When grouping candlesticks on a shelf or mantelpiece, look for different heights and place them in different places. You can choose from different shapes and sizes, but choose a consistent color palette, material, or aesthetic to tie the look together.
       From formal candle holders and whimsical statement pieces to simple coasters and minimalist candle holders, we’ve rounded up 17 of our favorite candle holders to suit every taste and occasion.
        We are big fans of the Dutch design team Anna + Nina who created this elegant ocean-inspired glass candle holder. It is sure to brighten up any dinner.
        Bring all your dramatic fantasies to life with this antique-style Nkuku candle holder with handle and drip tray. Keep one on your nightstand so you can pretend to read by candlelight – or just in case the power goes out!
        This bell-shaped candlestick is a stunning accessory whether you use candles in it or not. You can purchase the base in gold or silver for a chic finishing touch.
        You can trust Graham and Green with colorful, eclectic accessories. Mix and match these fun bubble candle holders for maximum effect.
        Elevate your tapered candles with this pink ceramic candle holder that makes a playful addition to your table. We love the botanical print in orange. Buy three dots in the center of the table.
        For the perfect romantic table setting, look no further. This whimsical candlestick is embellished with an image of a branch and a bird straight out of a fairy tale.
        These cute candle holders from H&M are versatile: hold conical candles or tealights, place them on a coffee table, shelf or breakfast tray. For just £3.99 each, you can afford to take them with you wherever you go.
        Classic and distinctive, this chandelier features an aged brass finish and an unusual angular design. Bonus: Looks great on a sideboard when not in use.
        Sleek and minimalist, this candle holder with glazed ceramic base is a modern classic. Pair with elegant taper candles to elevate a mantel or sideboard, or three candles around a dining table.
        These candlesticks are full of vintage charm. Sold in three heights, they are ready-made dinner party highlights—simply pop in a celebratory dinner candle in a classic color like red or cream and you’re done.
        The White Company is a brand of understated luxury, and these elegant glass chandeliers are no exception. On top of them we laid a neutral tablecloth and put a large number of leaves in a bud vase for spring table setting.
        Candlesticks aren’t just for dinner. Marks & Spencer offers a wide range of wood, metal and ceramic styles specifically designed for solid candles. Group this with your favorite items and vases for instant hygge.
       These hand-blown glass chandeliers create a relaxed, casual vibe – they’re available in a variety of shapes and heights.
        How funny is this golden octopus from Rockett St George’s whimsical home? We are obsessed. Candles are decorated with bright rainbow candles.
       The sleek steel curves of this candlestick will complement any minimalist or Scandinavian scheme, like a coffee table or dining table centerpiece.
        Our top choice for al fresco dining, these glass candle holders are lush and colorful. Mix and match different colors with pastel dinner candles to create a spectacular spring table.
        This candlestick is more like a sculpture than a candlestick, it’s really amazing. Place it on a mantelpiece or shelf for an eye-catching look.

Post time: Mar-17-2023

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