What is the Trendency of Glass Bottle?

Technological changes in wine bottles, medicinal glass bottles In daily life can be seen frequently. Whether it is beverages, medicines, cosmetics, etc, glass bottles are their good partners. These glass packaging containers have always been considered as good packaging materials because of their transparent beauty, good chemical stability, safety of material consist, high temperature resistance, and the recyclability of old bottles.

Nevertheless, in order to compete with packaging materials such as metal cans and plastic bottles, medicinal glass bottles are constantly improving their production technology to make products of good quality, beautiful appearance and low cost. After the construction technology of regenerative glass kiln, glass melting technology ushered in the second revolution, which is oxyfuel combustion technology. In the past ten years, the practice of this technological transformation in glass melting furnaces in various countries shows that the oxyfuel combustion technology has remarkable advantages such as low investment, low energy consumption, and low pollutant emissions.

In the United States and Europe, lightweight bottles and cans have become the leading products . Narrow Neck Press and Blow technology (NNPB), hot and cold end spraying technology of bottles and cans etc. The German company has been able to produce a 1-liter concentrated juice bottle that weighs only 295 grams. The surface of the bottle wall is coated with organic resin, which can increase the pressure strength of the bottle by 20%. Producing glass bottles in a modern factory is no easy and there are some problems to solve.

Qiteng Yongxin Glassware Company LTD is a professional factory with more than 10 years expierence in Glass Bottle industry, we have more than 18 automic production lines and strict quality inspection, we also have deep surface processing for glass bottles: embossing ,debossing, screen printing, metallic foils, heat transfer printing(decal), color coating, Spraying color, frosting, etching , hot stamping, electroplating and so on. We product good quality glass bottles at good price with fashion shape and surface decoration.

Post time: Nov-08-2022

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