Why Liquor is Mostly Packed in Glass Bottle?

why liquor is seldom packed in plastic bottles?

There are many liquors on the market, and consumers who have a certain understanding of liquor will notice one thing: most liquors are packaged in glass bottles and ceramic bottles,  but almost no wine is bottled in plastic bottles

Because the composition of liquor is very complex, containing various organic substances, and plastic products are also a kind of organic substances. If you use plastic For bottled liquor, organic substances in plastic products will slowly dissolve into the liquor, affecting the quality of the liquor.

Glass bottles and ceramic bottles will not have these problems. The main component of glass and ceramics is silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide is an inorganic substance with high stability and will not react with organic substances in wine. Putting liquor in glass bottles or ceramic bottles can ensure the quality of the liquor and make liquor safer.

Also sometimes we can see plastic products in packing liquor. For example, bulk liquor is transported in plastic barrels or plastic jugs, but after the transportation, it will be stored in ceramic jars or Glass Jars as soon as possible.

there are many different types of bottled liquor, like transparent  wine bottle and opaque liquor bottle. The color of the transparent bottled liquor can be seen directly through the bottle; the opaque ones will be packaged in light-colored or dark-colored porcelain bottles. Qiteng Yongxin Glass Co LTD produces Wine Bottles with different surface treatment: transparent, frosted, embossed, decal, silk screen printing, spraying color , color coating, electroplating etc.

If you have any question about glass bottles, please feel free to contact us, our best products and service are always waiting for you.

Post time: Dec-13-2022

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